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We can strengthen and stabilize our bodies, eat the right food, and be in perfect shape, but it can all go out the window if someone attacks us on a dark parking lot. What can we do about the unexpected? Is there any kind of preparation for this?

Luckily, there are steps we can take to protect our property and ourselves. And it doesn’t matter if you are old or have a disability. You can still take steps to protect yourself. Many of these steps are common sense and some others take a little skill. In this section we will talk about protecting our property but we will first discuss the steps to take for self-defense. I teach self-defense classes for seniors in Albuquerque (click the Contact page to inquire about FREE lessons). I am so proud of every person who attends. I have seen all of them gain confidence, poise, and skills. You can see one student drop me to the floor in the Gallery. I will be posting more videos and pictures there. 

We will cover:

Even though the class is about something very serious, i.e. avoiding injury and death, we have a good time in the class. I think that most find the classes fun. That is really the way to approach self-defense. Enjoy practicing it and have fun! Hopefully, you will never need to use it but you can have a great time practicing. And the confidence you gain is enormous.

Like I said, everyone in the class in Albuquerque has gained confidence and poise. It is noticeable in just their presence. And did they ever like to take me down!

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